when Mateus and Izabelle met during their graduation at Aeronautics Institute of Technology (ITA) back in São Paulo, Brazil. Since then, they participate in national and international competitions, from radio-controlled aircraft to High Speed Waterbike.


The idea of waterbikes emerged gradually. Our first project was a High Speed Waterbike named: Voa Brasil, capable of reaching almost 30Kmh and made specifically for the Human Powered Boats Championships competition in Germany. It was a human-powered propulsion hydrofoil (submerged wing) boat, the first boat of this type designed and built in Latin America. We got first place in the 100 meters competition and 2nd place in the long distance race.


We kept on developing prototypes and expanding our knowledge about hydrofoils and compact boats. The Motofoil for example was a waterbike with hydrofoil. This boat was made only on an experimental basis to test the feasibility of using low-power motors on a waterbike. The maximum speed was approximately 40 km/h using a 3 HP motor.


We found a gap in the recreational boats market. A boat that was compact, lightweight, easy to use and efficient at the same time was missing. So we began to design a Waterbike that had these characteristics, using the knowledge gained in previous projects. That was when the idea of the Packboat came along. A portable pedal- powered boat that assumes the compact form of a backpack for transport and storage. The evolution of this project gave birth to our Bikeboats.


- Innovation Project of the Decade – chosen from the winners of the last 10 editions of the ALCOA Award for Innovation in Aluminum (2002-2012);
- Best project at 7th edition of ALCOA Aluminum Innovation Prize, in December 2008, Category Products & Applications (professional category);
- Finalist in the “Domingão da Invenção” contest, at “Domingão do Faustão” TV program (Rede Globo), exhibited in 2009.


We had spent a little while trying to come up with a name for our brand that would be related to that adventurous spirit that people who enjoy water sports have. Then, after a lot of thinking Izabelle suggested “Chiliboats” due to the floats shape that look like actual Chillies. For the development of our logo we used stylized letters and a cute little fish spitting fire, in that way we would connect the idea of water sports with the spice of chilies.After that our products started to look like what you see nowadays, but with time and studies we kept on improving each model.


Chiliboats was born on september 13, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the main goal of offering boats that are compact, functional, non-polluting and improve people's quality of life.Our dream was to positivetily impact many people through our products and to be known by being able to provide fun and well being in a unique way.


Our business and demand started to grow, so we had to move to a different state to better manage the production and delivery. It was during that time that we began to export our products and consequently have more clients internationally.


We developed global partnerships that allowed us to increase the scale of production and achieve a higher level of quality in the manufacturing process. We also signed agreements with several dealers in strategic locations abroad boosting sales all over the world through international fairs and boat shows.


Although this was a challenging year due to the pandemic, it was also a year of significant changes for us. We invested on our company’s growth potential by opening a new headquarters in Orlando, Florida, USA, with a focus on boosting sales in north america and taking a further step on the internationalization process of Chiliboats.


Chiliboats’ fam keeps on growing. We now have many dealers, countless rental places, global presence and happy clients all around the world.


We have a dream that one day we will be able to positively impact many people, through our products, because we believe that they are able to provide fun, health and wellbeing through physical activity outdoors and contact with nature.

To provide the most efficient way to move on the water, so that people from all over the world can have a unique leisure experience, increasing its ability to exploit aquatic environments, in perfect harmony with nature.

Becoming the top-of-mind brand in the world in the category of waterbikes, responsible for spreading this category.

Is in the company’s DNA to search for efficient and innovative engineering solutions to developing differentiated products, resulting in several patent applications.

We work to offer the market products with superior quality and high performance.

We continuously improve our products and manufacturing processes.


CEO and Co-founder (Aeronautical Engineer)
She develops all the company’s strategy, its internationalization and takes care of all the logistics necessary to make this dream a reality.
Co-founder (Aeronautical Engineer)
He is focused on creating new products and innovative solutions to provide a fantastic leisure experience.
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